Diego Marcon “La miserabile”

Curated by Edoardo Bonaspetti
20 Jul 2018 - 26 Aug 2018


Thursday, 19 July 2018 from 7.30 pm


Tuesday – Sunday | 10.30 am - 8.30 pm

Located to:

Viale E. Alemagna 6, 20121 Milano – Italy

Press Release

What I find pathetic is the human condition and the way it constantly drags itself along as its own burden. That’s why my characters are so exhausted. (Diego Marcon)

From 20 July to 26 August 2018, La Triennale di Milano presents the first solo museum exhibition by Diego Marcon (b. 1985, Busto Arsizio), curated by Edoardo Bonaspetti.
There is something profoundly distressing, but at the same time also comical, in Diego Marcon’s work. Life is wretched and spares no one. This may be why the artist has decided to turn the space of the Impluvium at La Triennale di Milano into a silent, disconcerting room.

La Miserabile is an existential condition, a state of mind, and a scene that takes shape from the central figurative group: a bedstead on which a sick female figure is resting. All around, dozens of people watch over her body, busily performing little enigmatic tasks. The image of the dying girl, which is a recurrent theme in sentimentalist art, is conveyed in the style of children’s illustrations and cartoons, in an atmosphere of numb torpor, from which other representations emerge.

The setting is unadorned, accentuating the emotional power of the work and carving out a space of neuroses and frenzied closure to the outside world. Those who inhabit Marcon’s world – the wretched, or miserabili – are indefinitely and inescapably trapped. Isolated in the half light, as though Marcon wished to protect them from prying eyes, these figures appear to the viewer in a place of contemplation, inviting us to dwell on the various actions frozen in place. On this occasion, the artist goes beyond the formats of moving images that he has used in his most recent projects, and experiments with the evocative power of what is not immediately visible, of what appears to be ambivalent, and probably pathetic, at the fringes of both image and existence.